Adding a Profanity Blocker on Facebook

If you manage a Facebook Page, you may want to add the profanity filter to hide comments that contain keywords you’ve identified as unacceptable to your Page.

Meta (Facebook) determines what to hide by using the most commonly reported words and phrases marked offensive by the community.

Comments containing a keyword that has been added to the profanity filter will appear as Hidden  but remain visible to the people who wrote them and their friends. They won’t be visible to everyone else.

To access the profanity filter, click on Settings and Privacy.

Create a list of words that you want to block using Word, Word Pad or Note Pad.  You can then copy these words.

You can also type the words in the field.  Press Enter after each word you wish to add.

When you are done adding words, click on the Save button (which will appear active).

Be sure you have activated the On button.  Then click on the Save button (which will appear active).