Kimberlee Soldier

Tribal AmeriCorps Program Outreach Coordinator

I am a mother of three beautiful children, grandmother to an adorable little girl, and the legal guardian of my sassy niece.  I grew up and currently live in the Sokaogon Chippewa Community located in Mole Lake, Wisconsin.

I am a Tribal AmeriCorps Program Alumni, having served four years (2016-2020). I have been on a scary but amazing journey in recovery for just over five years, and will celebrate my sixth year in September. Dedicating myself to being open and honest in my recovery is important to me. I have had to learn the hard way that if I were to continue living my life actively addicted to alcohol and drugs, I would lose what’s most important to me – that’s my family.

My family aren’t the just the folks that are legally my family, they are also my close friends who have helped me to seek who I really am and support me in my journey. There’s more in that last statement than you know.

I am also currently a student at Nicolet Technical College, a certified Recovery Coach and Suicide Prevention Specialist, active Prevention Advocate in my community and Forest County, a member of the Community Coalition of Forest County, and sustain a fulltime position serving my community.

It is truly amazing starting this next chapter with KSC working part-time as a Tribal AmeriCorps Outreach Coordinator working with the Wisconsin Tribes and their Members.