Protect Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Is a Life-or-Death Issue for Small Businesses.

Our federal legislators will be voting on this issue on December 14th.

Speak Up!

Regardless of your politics, you should be fighting to keep it in place. Without net neutrality, Internet Server Providers (ISPs) will inevitably favor companies that pay them extra. Similarly, an ISP could throttle bandwidth down so that it takes 10 minutes for your website to load. And then demand $$$$ a day from you to “fix” the problem.

Here are the websites for our Wisconsin representatives –

Here’s the message I sent –
Revoking net neutrality would remove a free marketplace. In the past ISPs have throttled content based on their own determination of what was lawful or permissible, and had to be forced to stop in the courts. Isn’t it possible they could do this again? I’m also concerned by mobile providers who say a plan is “unlimited,” but when you exceed the data cap, only throttle sites and services that aren’t part of their approved zero-rating network.

Thank you for reading my comment.
Kim Swisher, Owner
Kim Swisher Communications, LLC.